OEM Plywood

Proprietary Product Specification

Product: White or natural birch faced veneer core hardwood plywood
Country of Origin: vietnam or indonesia
Customer Expectation: plywood manufactured for high-volume oem cabinet and casework processing plants. where optimum throughput drives low-cost production, and high quality finished products are required

Core Construction:
Type – #1 grade eucalyptus and acacia veneers (vietnam) rubberwood and falcatta (indonesia)
Veneer Thickness – 1.7-2.0mm
Core Integrity – inner face veneers are: whole piece face (indonesia) or machine composed (vietnam). inner core layers consist of two to six veneer pieces to avoid gaps and overlaps, and provide customers reliable routing, processing and consistent screw/fastener holding/edgebanding properties
Core Sanding – 80/120 grit calibration sanding for consistent panel thickness tolerances and smooth platform for final veneer application

Face and Back:
Grade – c/c grade
Species – white or natural birch (customer specified)
Veneer description – rotary cut, whole piece face & back
Veneer thickness – 0.28mm balanced face and back
Surface sanding – 240 grit final finish

Inspection Standards:
Moisture Content – 12% or less
Blows – unacceptable
Core Laps and Gaps – minimal overlaps and voids
Dents/Nail Marks – unacceptable
Square – difference between two diagonals less than 2mm
Warp – corner up no more than 5mm
Wavy – no visible belt marks, no visible fish scale

Overall Construction:
Number of plys (including front and back) – 18mm 11 layers
15mm 9 layers
12mm 7 layers
9mm 5 layers
5.2mm 3 layers
Width – 48-1/2″, or as specified
Length – 96-1/2″, or as specified
Thickness – nominal as specified (-0.smm/+0.2mm) (0.smm within one sheet)
Glue Type – interior; tsca certified, cold water resistant

Value-add Options
UV Finishing – clear and tinted

Please note: supplier does not warrant product for specific customer application requirements. Supplier further recommends that customers test product for applications specific to their needs.
For additional information on this specialty product please contact your local Patrick Industries sales representative or e­mail us at orderentry@patrickind.com